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    Here at Creativeworld we understand the current climate of the Education sector. Our priorities are to work with you to plan and deliver affordable, transparent solutions that fit with your marketing strategies, aims and objectives.

    As a full service marketing agency working with clientele across the UK, our services span across the entire spectrum of creativity which are all tailored to fit in around your needs. We recognise the importance of understanding how your organisation articulates and communicates with stakeholders and the targeted audience.

    With over 30 years’ experience in the sector, our knowledge and expertise has given us a fantastic reputation. We’ve gained this reputation by consistently delivering for our clients. We understand that it’s all about personalisation for your school, you want to showcase how your school is unique. At Creativeworld, we want to give you the access to the tools which will allow you to express your vision and aspirations for your school. Every School has different requirements with varying student profiles, our aim is to deliver effective results across all disciplines whilst reaching your target audience. Along the way we will work with you, offering recommendations as to how to optimise your reach to your desired audience. We will do this based on analysing the ongoing results of your marketing and realising what works for your school.

    Our Services include:

    • Brand consultation, creation and implementation
    • Strategic marketing communications and delivery
    • Digital marketing, website creation and online marketing solutions tailored to your School
    • Design and Print Management, including Prospectus and Newsletter solutions
    • Creative media – video production and creative led photography

    We are here to help you achieve your goals, contact one of our specialists on 01282 858200

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    digital marketing

    print management

    prospectus design



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