Advancing Quality Alliance

Who are AQUA?

Established in 2010, the Advanced Quality Alliance supports its members in the North West to deliver the best health, wellbeing and quality care for all. AQUA’s aim is to be a trusted source of quality improvement expertise for the NHS and wider health and social care systems.

Their four improvement priorities include:

The Brief

AQUA came to Creativeworld to rebrand their current approach to the market and to enhance the organisations profile in the health sector for consultancy services to NHS Trusts across the UK.

Our approach

With a wealth of experience in the Health market we knew exactly what AQUA needed. We set forward to refresh and modernise their branding with a cleaner, more professional style, by simply segmenting each of their priorities and focusing on the services that they offer to their clients.

The delivery

The concept we created was then run across a series of display materials, banner stands and printed in their Prospectus. To complement this, the branding was also used on many supplementary items.


– Prospectus Design
– Display Systems