St. Mary Magdalene’s RC Primary School

School Branding Strategy



01. The Brief

St. Mary Magdalene’s is a vibrant Catholic primary school located on a spacious, beautifully landscaped site. The staff, children, parents, governors, and parish collaborate to create a safe and nurturing environment where every child is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential. Recognising the need to modernise its image and create a cohesive brand identity, the school reached out to Creativeworld to develop a comprehensive branding strategy that would reflect its core values and vision.

St Mary Magdalene's School Stationary
St Mary Magdalene's School New Uniform

02. The Solution

Creativeworld approached the project with a strategic and collaborative methodology. We began by organising a series of internal workshops involving teachers, pupils, parents, and governors. These workshops provided valuable insights into the school’s values, aspirations, and expectations, ensuring that the new branding would authentically represent the school community.

Using feedback from the workshops, we developed several branding concepts that incorporated the school’s Catholic heritage and commitment to excellence. After extensive user testing and feedback sessions, the final brand identity was chosen, featuring a modern logo, a harmonious colour palette, and elegant typography.

The Services

School branding

Brand guidelines

School mission statement

Open day banners


Paid social adverts


To ensure consistency, we created comprehensive brand guidelines detailing the correct usage of the logo, colour codes, fonts, and other visual elements. These guidelines served as a reference for all future communications and materials, helping to maintain a unified and professional appearance across various platforms.

Understanding the importance of the school’s mission, we designed an inspiring poster that effectively communicated the core values and goals of St. Mary Magdalene’s RC Primary School. This poster was placed in key locations around the school to reinforce the school’s mission and values.

We collaborated with uniform providers to integrate the new branding into the school uniforms. This involved updating the logo and colour scheme on the uniforms, ensuring a cohesive and professional look that pupils felt proud and smart when wearing.

Our team also designed and installed new signage throughout the school premises and open day banners to attract prospective pupils and their families, enhancing the school’s visibility and appeal.

To boost the school’s visibility further, we managed a series of paid social media advertisements targeting local parents. These ads highlighted the school’s strengths and new branding, increasing engagement and interest in the school.

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