Well it has been an interesting year to date… but I’m hoping that the last six months will guide us and enforce a new behaviour shift that we have been needing for as long as I’ve been involved and supporting my health clients to encourage people to think smarter as to how they access services, self care, making the right choices…..

As we enter the uncertainty of the winter period it gives me a little time to reflect on some of the amazing projects we have been involved with this year and hopefully we will continue to have the impact moving ahead and improve patient outcomes.

St Helens Cares

Back in January 2020 we delivered an effective campaign across St Helens to help improve patient experience and encouraging the public to choose the right service for them, keeping their Emergency Departments free for those who really need it. Working closely with the team at St. Helens we created a suite of materials that supported their public engagement plan, in schools, in GP practices, out in shopping locations and across the economy a host of communications and materials were distributed. These included handy pocket sized information cards, digital screens, social media graphics, banner stands, information posters, all complemented by an outward facing engagement team who were committed to ensuring the general public understood the importance of making the right choice.