Cheshire & Merseyside Talking Therapies Recruitment Campaign

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01. The Brief

Creativeworld was entrusted with the task of launching a recruitment campaign for Cheshire and Merseyside Talking Therapies through digital marketing. The primary goal of the campaign was to engage prospective candidates and provide them with comprehensive information about new and emerging mental health roles within the NHS. Mental health service providers sought to bolster their workforce to meet the increasing demand for mental health services in the local communities and to align with the NHS Long Term Plan for Mental Health. The campaign focused on utilising video content to showcase various role opportunities within NHS Talking Therapies services. 

The aim of the campaign and supporting collateral is to inspire and inform interested individuals Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs), High Intensity Therapists (HITs) or those with some prior mental health work experience regarding the large spectrum of role opportunities in the mental health system which they may not have previously known about or considered. 

02. The Solution

The campaign focuses on short vlog / video content profiling the different role opportunities within NHS Talking Therapies for anxiety and depression, delivered by current trainees or employees currently placed in these new roles. The vlogs incorporate information regarding the individual’s backgrounds, what they contribute to the system, and how future candidates can apply. The videos are supported by written job descriptions and vacancy links where applicable, but the vlogs are the focal point for driving maximum engagement. 

The central focus of the campaign was to create engaging and informative video content. The vlogs showcased the day-to-day experiences of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners and High Intensity Therapists, bringing to light the challenges, rewards, and impact of their work. These videos served as a powerful tool to showcase the human aspect of the roles and build a personal connection with the audience. 

To complement the video content and facilitate the application process, written job descriptions and direct vacancy links were provided. These materials offered a comprehensive understanding of the roles, including key responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits, enabling interested candidates to gain more insights and take the next steps to apply. 

The Services
Paid Social Media

Video Based Content

Video Interviews

Project Management

Campaign Creation


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03. The Results

The campaign was launched on multiple social media platforms and Google Ads, targeting relevant audiences interested in mental health, healthcare, and social services. The captivating video content and relatable narratives of current trainees and employees garnered significant attention and engagement from the audience. The videos were shared extensively, reaching a wide network of potential candidates. 

The campaign’s impact was evident as it led to a substantial increase in the number of applications for the advertised mental health roles. The personal touch and real-life experiences shared through the vlogs resonated with the audience, inspiring them to consider a career in NHS Talking Therapies. 

The response from prospective candidates, mental health professionals, and the public was overwhelmingly positive. The campaign successfully demystified the roles within NHS Talking Therapies and highlighted the immense potential for personal and professional growth. 

The Cheshire and Merseyside Talking Therapies Recruitment Campaign demonstrated the power of storytelling through video content on social media. By showcasing the diverse mental health roles and the impact they have on the community, the campaign effectively inspired and informed prospective candidates. 

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