Lancashire and South Cumbria Health and Care Partnership

Primary Care

‘Right Person, Right Care’

01. The Brief

The healthcare system in Lancashire and South Cumbria is under immense pressure owing to the usual winter pressures. GP practices remain operating at levels often exceeding capacity to tackle the backlog of patients created by the pandemic.  

Lancashire and South Cumbria Health & Care Partnership appointed Creativeworld Health to create a campaign to promote the various roles provided within Primary Care services and to use the most appropriate services. 

Primary Care Posters

The Services

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02. The Solution

Based on demographics that were identified in our initial research, we co-developed the concept – “Right Place, Right Care”, the key messages and creative content that resonated with our targeted audiences.  

To maximize the impact of the campaign, through the co-development we ensured that key stakeholders became partners in the project. This encouraged collaboration and helped us achieve a higher impact. 

The marketing and communications strategy was delivered across the region, making sure to reach as many people as possible through various of delivery and partnerships through family influencers and key partners, which helped us reach a wider audience. 

Overall, our targeted and collaborative approach helped us create a successful campaign that resonated with our audience and achieved Lancashire and South Cumbria Health & Care Partnership’s goals. 

Primary care Poster (1)
Primary care Poster (2)
Primary care Poster (3)
Primary Care Poster (4)
Primary Care Screensaver

Key Objectives

  • Awareness of the role of healthcare professionals other than GPs, such as practice nurses
  • How patient behaviour & choices can aid their local NHS 

  • Choosing the correct health service for your needs (GP’s, Dentists, Pharmacy, Nurse, etc)
  • Create a positive and trustworthy ‘brand’  
  • Benefits of the new ways of working/remote consultation 
  • Benefits of the new ways of working/remote consultation  

Social Media Videos

We produced a total of 6 videos as part of the campaign.



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