‘Let’s Get Lancashire Brushing’ Campaign

Lancashire County Council

Oral Health Bus Stop

01. The Brief

In some areas of Lancashire over 40% of children have decayed or missing teeth by the time they are five years old.

With this worrying statistic in mind, Lancashire County Council wanted to do something to combat poor oral health. Our proposal was to engage with local communities to co-develop a campaign that would reach the target audience. Through several key stakeholder events, attending community centres and meeting families, we launched the “Let’s get Lancashire Brushing’ campaign.

Targeting families across Lancashire including Preston, Burnley, Pendle, Hyndburn and Morecambe, who have children under the age of two, the campaign aims to promote the benefits of good dental health and encourages parents to brush their children’s teeth twice a day as early as possible.

The campaign also aims to achieve a reduction in the number of decayed, missing and filled teeth in children, a reduction in hospital admissions related to oral health and an improvement of oral health for children from birth to five years old to provide them with the best start in life.

Oral Health Info Card
Oral Health Leaflet

02. The Solution

Our strategy included educational resources in the form of informative literature, information cards, posters, digital assets including email signatures and screensavers for healthcare professionals, display materials to be utilised at events and community locations including family Hubs, a thorough social media targeted advertising plan and external advertising through bus shelters and billboards across the region’s key target areas.

Our Healthcare Communications Consultant, David Bennett joined the Oral Health campaign launch. The launch included events at Family Hubs across Lancashire, the Oral Health stand offered a chance for families to gain knowledge around the campaign as well as the opportunity to receive educational resources and promotional items in the form of toothbrush packs and sippy cups.

The Services

Insight Work

Campaign Development


Signage and Display Materials

Printed Assets

Collation and Distribution

Paid Social Media


Oral Health Banner Stands

03. The Results

The social media campaign, including paid ads, had great engagement with over 5,000 link clicks, the videos were viewed in full by 878 people and the Spotify adverts successfully reached a large audience gaining 98,213 impressions.

Distribution of the campaign assets to nurseries and health centres in the key target areas were gratefully received and will help provide free guidance and tools to those most in need.

David added, “We were very proud to work with Lancashire County Council on this campaign promoting better oral health in children because remember it’s never too early to start brushing!”

The clients press release for the campaign can be seen here with information on how families can access the support – Let’s Get Brushing campaign aims to start as early as possible (lancashire.gov.uk)

So as the Healthy Heroes would say ‘brush twice a day, fight tooth decay and keep those bugs at bay’!

Oral Health Screensaver
Oral Health Social Ads

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