Your July Social Media Calendar 2024


Summer loving had me a blast…

July has come faster than expected and with the twists and turns we have seen from the weather recently, who knows what’s in store for this month. One thing we can be certain of however, is that July is packed full of an array of social media awareness days.

Turn that frown upside down

Spread a happy-go-lucky attitude this month with a plethora of jolly days to keep the mood lively. Starting off strong on the 1st, International Joke Day is a perfect opportunity to show off your brand’s personality and sense of humour. #BeAKidAgainDay falls on the 8th so why not create some light-hearted content and ask everyone in the office what they miss most about being a kid – school dinners surely have to be high on the list. And on the 11th of July is Cheer Up the Lonely Day, a chance to go into your local community and make a positive impact.

Gearing up for a sporty summer…

July marks the end and the beginning of this years two major sporting events. The Euros 2024 Final kicks off at 8pm on the 14th of July and at this moment in time it’s up for grabs for those two coveted final places. That Sunday will also see the completion of the hundreds of office sweepstakes up and down the country – don’t forget to document your winners on your social media pages.

And as one tournament comes to an end, the Olympics 2024 begin on the 26th in Paris, France. Why not use this opportunity to showcase the sporty talents within your own team? If you want to fully immerse your company in the Olympic spirit, why not create your own Olympic Games – egg and spoon race anyone? And of course, make sure to support Team GB.

Are the robots taking over?

Maybe a tad extreme, however, the current advancements in AI make it seem possible. The 16th of July is #AIApprecitationDay, and I can safely say our company is appreciative of AI. It’s possibilities are nearly endless and in the world of social media content creation it can become a god-send. Why not see what it can create for your channels? Just make sure to put that human touch after to ensure your company is best reflected.

And if you need a little more help with getting to grips with the ever-changing world of AI or simply some social media advice, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today for a free no obligation chat on how we could help your online presence.

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