Maternity Attraction Campaign

Lancashire and South Cumbria

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01. The Brief

There is a shortage of midwives across the Lancashire and South Cumbria region and although there are significant improvements within the services, there is still a shortage.

There has been recent investment into supporting safety across the Maternity services and a number of key objectives have been set in order to meet the sustainable development goals.

With this a key part of the investment is to reduce staff shortages as well as increasing support to those working in maternity services. The integrated care board were looking at an attraction strategy across the region to complement other areas of work.

Their focus is on these key areas:

  • Health workforce planning, management and midwives’ working environments
  • High quality education and training
  • Midwife-lead improvements to maternity care
  • Midwifery leadership and governance

Also identified in the data provided was that there was still a gap in those who are qualified midwives not taking up roles within one of the four service providers.

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02. The Solution


From the existing data and insight provided, we developed a plan to work in partnership to create the most effective way to reach our audience. Through the initial discussions, we identified key influencers that could help align the campaign, reach our audience with the right messages in the right place.

A full day’s workshop was carried out in partnership with our colleagues at All4maternity, the maternity service commissioners and providers across the region. The report and recommendations from this session enabled us to understand the needs and challenges that we would face along with key messages and recommendations on the approach.

Key benefits and reasons why to consider becoming a midwife in Lancashire and South Cumbria: What makes a great midwife, the opportunities for potential candidates, what’s great about our regions.

The Services

Insight Work

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Asset Creation



Based on the insight and recommendations we developed a compelling campaign that would win over the hearts of those looking to consider midwifery as a career, not just associated with being a nurse, but a career in itself.

The content was curated to align to the feedback received from the workshop, using the feedback shared on the day, visuals were created and a storyboard for the video campaign that would be emotionally connect with the audience.

The digital marketing campaign will run in synchronization with recruitment events in local Universities and also at careers events across Lancashire and South Cumbria. Directing potential candidates to for more information and links to opportunities available.

Our audience includes:

  • Those looking to choose a career and become a student midwife
  • Support the retention of existing staff
  • Those who had chosen a different career / pathway and possibly looking to return to a career in midwifery
  • The campaign features midwives from across our providers, sharing their passion for the role to incentivize the midwives of the future.

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