Content Marketing is a term I’m sure you’ve all heard used here there and everywhere in recent times in the marketing industry. Surprisingly, most of the time its used wrongly. But what does it actually mean and how can you benefit from it?

Well in simple terms, content marketing is pretty much exactly what this very post is – a method of creating, developing and distributing relevant and valuable information to acquire and engage with both new and existing audiences. Simple right?

So why do it, what’s the benefit? Great question. Depending on what angle you are coming from, content marketing can be used in a variety of different ways.


Working in the B2B arena? Perfect. Content marketing is a great way of generating and nurturing new business leads whist also keeping a consistent dialogue with existing clients. B2C? Great for that too. By providing original and unique content, you can organically change an audience’s whole perception of your brand and products along with becoming a source of inspiration and guidance.

With this new form of marketing becoming increasingly popular amongst marketers from all backgrounds, it is important to focus on a ‘quality over quantity’ approach. Ultimately you want your content to ‘travel’, and the only way it’s going to move anywhere, other than your website, is to ensure it’s worthy of doing so.

So how does content marketing fit into your current marketing strategy? Well, there’s a whole host of answers, solutions and options available which ultimately depend on two things. Who is it you’re targeting and what marketing tools do you currently have in place. Once you’ve answered these questions you’ll be able to clearly understand just how and where content marketing can fit into your business.