Quit Squad

Helping people on their journey to become smoke-free

Our approach

We decided the campaign was going to be focused around telling the story of previous service users who have all successfully stopped smoking with the help of the Quit Squad.

We evolved the existing logo and brand to ensure continuity throughout the campaign. We worked with a selection of existing service users, potential service users, service providers, specialists, commissioners and decision makers in order to get a better understanding of what draws people to the service. Through this process we created “personas” of service users who had succeeded to become Smokefree and had done so by working with the Lancashire Care NHS Quit Squad. These were then used throughout the campaign to positively reinforce the benefits of quitting.

The campaign

The overall message is clear, “You are four times more likely to stop smoking with the help of the Quit Squad”. The campaign is very much based on public facing events, roadshows, face to face, health centre promotion and other locations where the footfall of the audience would be high. Whilst we continue develop the campaign, it is now in its second phase reaching out via social media channels through the use of campaign case study experiences and video related content.


As a result of this activity the service has seen an increase of referrals from partnering NHS organisations into the service. Furthermore, the number of those who have stopped smoking through using the service has increased 5% in the first set of evaluation results. However, the service is continuing to raise the profile and benefits of the service by launching “smokefree sports” to reach out to specific audiences at sporting locations across the region.

‘I chose Creativeworld for a number of reasons; not only do they specialise in Health campaigns, they have a track record in delivering results. The energy and enthusiasm of the team comes across in the visual delivery of the campaign resources and they embed their team into the project to enable the Quit Squad to reach our objectives by reducing the number of smokers in Lancashire and therefore improving healthy outcomes for all.’
Gareth Beck

Team Manager, Lancashire Tobacco & Nicotine Addiction Treatment Service (Quit Squad)


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Lancashire Care Foundation Trust (Quit Squad)


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