Team Creative was approached by Together Housing Group who are a leading provider of quality affordable and modern homes for rent or sale across the North of England.

The Housing Group had one key objective, to get a better understanding of their customer. This, however, would be no small feat and would come in the form of an animated creative campaign. Together Housing Group needed an agency who could provide several services all to a very high standard and within a strict timescale. Team Creative set to work on their mission to make Together Housing Group’s vision a reality.

Together Housing Group Brochure

What was the brief?

Together Housing Group decided that an internal communications campaign would be the best way to assist the Housing Group in understanding their customers. This required them to be able to identify their needs and aspirations so that when they are dealing with their tenants (clients), they can understand what motivates them. This would then help in communicating with their customers and the likelihood of their lifestyle.

So, what did we do?

After a creative theme was developed and agreed, we then created a brochure which features an excellent overview of the characteristics of their tenants. We created seven banner stands and a display system to showcase the customer base in one high-impact visual. Alongside the printed material, we also produced a full video animation to bring the findings of the customer research to life. The idea behind this was to make the material more engaging to the employees which would help deliver the message more effectively. Ultimately, the material produced by the team was all used to educate the staff across Together Housing Group in order to meet the needs of their customers in a quicker, smarter and in a more efficient way.

Together Housing Group Brochure

Leah Smith, the Marketing Manager at Together Housing Group, had this to say about the project:

‘At Together Housing Group, we undertook an exercise to understand our customers better. With 1,300 staff members across a wide geographical spread, we needed a solution which would enable all colleagues to access the information in a user-friendly way.

Creativeworld provided us with an excellent solution to our internal communications challenge. The combination of materials was perfect at getting the message to our colleagues and we’ve received excellent feedback from staff across many areas of the business.’

Creativeworld’s Business Development Manager David Bennett added:

‘This was a fantastic campaign to work on as it included a variety of projects and allowed us to really showcase our capabilities as a fully-fledged marketing agency, utilising many of the different services we offer here at Creativeworld’.


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