New ‘REVO’ Brand Identity

Lancashire based creative agency, Creativeworld, was officially appointed to design and develop a new brand identity and marketing collateral for leading foam experts Vitafoam, as they looked to deliver their new 4th generation sleep technology to the market.

As with any new product launch, Vitafoam needed to decide on a unique product name and brand identity. With over 30 years of corporate identity design and development experience, the team was perfectly positioned to work hand in hand with Vitafoam to create something that was both original and on brand.

As marketing trends and techniques continue to evolve, the art of developing a unique brand identity has become ever more important for brands who are looking to stand out from the crowd.

The exciting new 4th generation foam technology developed by Vitafoam was christened ‘REVO’, and has been specifically developed as a Revolutionary Cool Sleep Concept which is set to provide ‘the perfect night’s sleep’.


Vitafoam corporate website

As part of Vitafoam’s global REVO launch, the Creativeworld digital team also conceived and developed a fully animated bespoke CGI video which incorporated a professional voiceover. To complement the video, the team also designed a range of printed literature and branded memory sticks for use at dedicated events and pitches.

On the recent collaboration, Creativeworld’s David Bates commented,

“Working closely with the Vitafoam team was a pleasure as always, especially as they had a clear direction and message that they wished to convey to their target audience.

New and Innovative product development keeps Vitafoam at the forefront of their industry and this time ReVo looks set to revolutionise mattress construction for years to come by offering a ‘Cool’ nights sleep.”

You can visit the new Vitafoam website by Creativeworld at and watch the full video for yourself.