Health Spotlight Header

As we dive head first into a new year working with the constantly evolving healthcare sector, we would like to introduce our new Health Spotlight.


In our most recent edition, we provide a thorough overview of several remarkable healthcare projects undertaken by our team. These initiatives range from awareness campaigns centred around oral health to the development of innovative maternity services projects including a sensational and emotional video based recruitment campaign.

Here’s what our Healthcare Communications Consultant, Dave Bennett, had to say about the launch of the new Health Spotlight:

“Collaborating with exceptional clients has been an incredible experience as an account director. Together, we’ve crafted compelling and visually striking health campaigns that not only enhance public awareness but also contribute to staff wellbeing, ultimately influencing positive health outcomes. Our commitment lies in delivering impactful results, and through collaborative partnerships, we provide recommendations rooted in our extensive experience and expertise within the health sector.


I hope this progressive version of Spotlight reflects some of the amazing work and effort we support our client with, from audience insights through to evaluation…. We deliver every step of the way … I hope you enjoy and if you are incentivized to action some of these within your region then we are always happy to offer advice and support on how to make your project a success..”

Click below to download our new health spotlight!

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