Creativeworld launches new system which allows businesses to choose their own bespoke social media packages.

It’s become clear that the businesses who aren’t already on social media or simply don’t have a requirement for an in-house team are missing a massive opportunity by neglecting their social media presence. Far too often, we see businesses who simply have a social media page, just to be on there, but with absolutely no content to populate it. We get it, you’re busy, you don’t have the time to update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn pages daily. However what needs to be understood is that this is a huge business opportunity for companies to capitalise on.

Bespoke Social Media Packages

A new opportunity for Businesses

Never before have businesses been able to engage their target audience in such an unprecedented way. You have a whole new audience and network of thousands potentially at your disposal. It’s an amazing opportunity for businesses and institutions to add value to the customer experience and build their brand identity online.


Time, Money and ROI

From our experience with working with several businesses such as F-Ball Ltd, Knight Frank and Cathedral Quarter on their social media campaigns, we know what it comes down to – Cost, time and ROI – Both of which are incredibly important factors when it comes to running a business. We understand that some businesses just don’t have the budget to get an in-house social media team, so that’s where we come in. We have now introduced a new, no obligation, social media quotation system which creates packages for any business to suit all budgets. Sometimes when confronted with set prices without it really being broken down, it can be quite off-putting, which is where these new packages are different. They work for small-large businesses and are there to help you choose the package that suits your business.


Some of our Successes

We know that some businesses are skeptical when it comes to social. So we thought we’d bring to your attention some of our successes we’ve had with our clients.

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust:

This was a Paid campaign which ran on LinkedIn and Facebook which drew in many excellent applicants from across the country. This led to the successful appointment of the new Director of Strategy role for the Trust.

Creativeworld launches Bespoke Social Media Packages

This campaign saw the successful appointment of the Director of Strategy role at the South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

F.Ball Ltd:

Collaborating with Stoke City and England world cup winning goalkeeper, Gordon Banks, to launch a new product range which was met with huge commercial success. This coincided with growing their presence from the beginning of their digital journey and saw them reach over 8,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Creativeworld Launches bespoke social media packages

F.Ball Social Media Micro Ad we produced for 1200 Pro Social Media Campaign


Knight Frank:

When Creativeworld took over Knight Frank’s Manchester-based social media accounts, they saw their following increase by 280% whilst becoming one of the region’s leading agencies online in the process.

Creativeworld launch bespoke social media packages

Knight Frank became one of the region’s leading agencies online when Creativeworld developed their online presence


More of our Social Media Case Studies here 

The Bespoke Social Media Packages

Give our new system a trial, evaluate and develop your strategy to align with your business plans and marketing strategy. Most importantly, work together with us to get the best out of your online presence. Take a look at our bespoke social media packages here 


If you’re not sure which package is right for you, get in touch with our Social Media team:

Adam Wood – Marketing Manager

Dan Palmer – Sales Executive

Tom Cross – Digital Marketing Executive

Contact number: 01282 858200