With 2018 looming around the corner (I know, where did 2017 go?!) it’s time to start thinking about your online marketing strategy for next year.

What’s it going to be?

The answer is Video. Use video in your marketing strategy. There, blog done. No, there’s a bit more to it than that. But in short, the answer is still video. It’s clear that some companies are starting to ramp up their game by being a bit more active on social media and banging out the odd blog, but in a highly competitive environment, where everyone is trying to generate traffic over to their website and sell their product, what is going to make them stand out from all the noise?

As we’ve mentioned in one of our blogs earlier this year, According to Cisco, by 2018 video will account for almost 82% of internet traffic. So, it’s not a question of IF you’re going to incorporate video, it’s WHEN. Do you want to be ahead of the game or playing catch-up?

The shift

 With an audience out there still looking to be stimulated in the currently very overcrowded environment, it’s going to become harder to grab them. So, you’re going to need to be smart and by smart, I mean get your camera out and start recording. It can be scary getting shoved in front of a camera and having to do a bit of talking, but if done well and evokes some kind of emotion or reaction, you’ll get the hits! Yes, we get you may not have a huge ‘allocated video budget’ but your video content doesn’t have to be a feature length production or the next ‘Making a Murderer’.

A Face to the brand  

By putting someone from your company in a video or even having some live action in there, it’s a different kind of validity for your customer. By this I mean it’s a personal touch which will help create more trust and more importantly add more value to your content which is what companies will aim for.

Ultimately, with the populations attention spans dwindling, the audiences of 2018 will want something gripping to stop your adverts from being one thumb scroll away from not being seen again, which is why video should be a priority when it comes to content creation in 2018.

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