The rise of eLearning in healthcare 

In the past few years there has been a rise in the demand for online resources within the health sector, even more so over the last year! The same can be said for most industries as cutting costs and enhancing performance of employees has become increasingly more desirable. Going online has massively transformed the healthcare industry, especially when it comes to dealing with patients and managing staff. It’s widely recognised that training staff is essential, but a persistent challenge is finding a cost-effective solution to be able to provide that. Luckily, the rise in eLearning has meant that this is now more viable.

The benefits 

Face to face training is effective but a costly and time-consuming exercise which can ultimately prove to be impractical given the already stretched resources within care organisations. eLearning is the perfect solution to this problem due to the fact that it’s accessible which means employees can receive their training to fit around their schedule. The other benefits of eLearning are vast; not only is it time efficient, eLearning can be provided in a way which is engaging and makes the learning process much easier for the those taking the courses.

The possibilities

eLearning can be accessed in a variety of formats such as through webinars, interactive video, multiple choice and so much more. The possibilities of this technology are truly endless which is why more and more health organisations both in the public and private sectors are getting involved. At Creativeworld, we have been approached by a number of health organisations looking to build a platform from which they can provide crucial eLearning courses to their staff, subscribers and customers. Our long-standing client All4Maternity had a bespoke online eLearning platform created for them by our team, which offers interactive and multi-media eLearning modules to prepare for practice, examinations, revalidation and important CPD development. We strongly believe that eLearning will become crucial to health organisations and we are excited to share with you even more of our work within this field.

We are also in the process of developing a learning portal for a number of clients, and with our experience and expertise in this sector we can offer practical support, advice and direction to our clients to enable them to deliver a system that will support and develop staff throughout their careers.

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