Social Media Calendar September 2018

Where did August go? ?

We’re full steam ahead into September and summer is coming to an end. We’re pretty sure that August only lasted like two days? Anyway, September may not be full of sporting events like August was, but it’s certainly full of weird and wonderful days which you may be able to jump on as part of your social media strategy. Which key dates are you going to use?

Feeling Charitable? ?

 To start the month, maybe it’s time you gave a bit back? It’s #InternationalDayOfCharity on the 5th so if you’re feeling generous or your company has a cause they’re supporting, then it may be a conversation you want to get involved with! Following that, you may want to take a break from binge-watching Netflix and maybe pick up a book on #ReadABookDay? Whether it’s war and peace or even the hungry caterpillar, why not ask your fellow colleagues what they’re reading at the moment and do a small campaign around it?

Positivity and Encouragement ?

Are you in the business of motivation? Or do you need a bit yourself? Then #NationalDayOfEncouragement might be a great day to get involved with on social. Following that day is #PositiveThinkingDay. Has an employee done an amazing job/deed or have you taken some steps to make the office a friendlier environment? Either way, why not share it on Positive Thinking Day. In addition to this, #StandUpToCancer day will be a huge day for many of our clients in the health sector, and for many people around the world, so there is sure to be a lot of engagement online about this, but make sure you have a pack of tissues to hand, as it will no doubt be an emotional one.

Talking like a pirate and promoting world peace! ✌️⚓️

 We’re not saying you need to do them at the same time, but it would make for a great bit of video content! On the 19thwe have #TalkLikeAPirateDay which could definitely produce some amusing videos of people doing their best pirate impression, why not get involved in the silliness? Following this, on the 21stit’s #InternationalDayOfPeace.

So, what will you be getting involved with in September? Let us know @CWCreativeworld

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