Big data, in small terms, is mass quantities of data collected and streamlined to be used for market research. These ‘datasets’ are structured or unstructured depending on the source, accuracy and volume of chosen subject. Either-or, this data is being captured and cleansed using modern software for monitoring behavioural patterns, to predict or evaluate change in all walks of life.


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From a marketing perspective, big data can be used as a research tool to engage and develop relations with customers. Using existing software, search engine results and web analytics can be formulated to help predict online customer behaviour to grow web traffic and sales conversion. User information and trends can also be gathered on the prevailing frontline – social media. Collectively, we can see endless amounts of customer data being surged through social platforms, which can be quantified and used for positive customer relations management.

As an example of how big data is being used for informed decision making, let’s look at human resources software maker, Workday, who provide a data capture tool to alert which employees are more active on LinkedIn.  This information is said to be used to identify high performers, although it’s hard to ignore the probability this tool could track employees seeking alternative career opportunities – which could raise questions around motives in data analysis.

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